Engineering Ethics: An Industrial Perspective


The impetus for this book was an engineering ethics a discussion I had with Drs. John Enderle and Jerry Jakabowski during an ABET visit in the fall of 2003. I mentioned that it had been a tough engineering ethics year, considering that Bell Laboratories' scientific fraud, the Columbia space shuttle explosion, Endovascular Technologies' criminal fine and civil settlement (at that time) of $81.5 M, and the Northeast blackout had all occurred in the last 12 months. Later, both professors encouraged me to write this textbook, since engineering ethics is required ABET curriculum topic and no textbook at that time provided an industrial perspective.

This book is intended as a supplemental textbook within an Introduction to Engineering or Senior Design course, if it is decided that engineering ethics be taught within another course to meet the ABET ethics requirement. Alternatively, this text may be used as an adjunct to any of the new engineering ethics textbooks because most do not provide extensive case studies or a concentrated industrial perspective.